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Panorama Nordic - Between you and nature


Our skilled peronnel and years of experience allows us to produce more than a door. The union of high quality materials – pine and merbau or even aluminium – provides trend-setting designs as well. We provide you with elegance and luxury, strength, stability, and durability.

Expand your home, let the nature inside, and fill your interior with warmth and light coming through Panorama Nordic sliding doors and folding doors.

See it… Touch it… Feel it…


Panorama Nordic can offer you warmth and comfort that comes with traditional wooden sliding or folding doors. Make your interior cozy, fill it with light coming through magnificent wide windows and enjo the nature.

Wooden Slidding Doors

Wooden Folding Doors

Wooden Doors Side Panel



The great combination of wood and aluminium in one product. Traditionally strong and reliable wooden sliding or folding doors are adapted to nowadays’ requirements.  By adding aluminium profiles on the outside of the door Panorama Nordic seeks to increase the weather resistance of our products. Keep the warmth with wood inside and add extra protection on the outside - this is what you get by choosing sliding or folding doors of wood with aluminium cladding.


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