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Panorama Nordic - Between you and nature

Handling complaints

Panorama Nordic doors are produced only from high quality materials. We choose timber very accurately and focus on each component used in production to ensure door durability and high quality.  

However if You have any complaits, please follow the directions given below. We will respond immediately. 

First of all, please:

  1. Check if the fault is not a transport damage.
  2. Make sure the installation and maintenance are carried out correctly, and do not cause door failure. Instalation and maintenance manuals may be found here.
  3. After checking above mentioned options, if you still believe that the defect is an original error, please contact us by filling out the claim form. Please include pictures of the product and its parts.

Complaints must be made to Panorama Nordic within a reasonable time after the defect or damage is discovered. All claims have to be made in written form.

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