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  1. What is the U-value for Panorama Nordic sliding and folding doors?

Wooden Classic 66 sliding door U value is 1.2 W/m²K

Wooden folding door U value is 1.2 W/m²K.

  1. What is the benefit of outside sliding doors?

Sliding or folding door that are outside sliding are more wind resistant. Due to this door opening construction the wind push the door towards the frame (not out of it like in inside opening system) and provides better insulation.

  1. May the sliding doors be coated in other colour systems than NCS and RAL?

We mainly colour our sliding and folding doors in all colours of the RAL and NCS systems. Some other system colours are also available. If you have a colour code (or formula) from another system simply contact us. Panorama Nordic always do their best to satisfy customers.

  1. How to treat brown spots from rain and merbau on the sash?

These stains might be cleaned off with white-spirit. If there are marks on the wooden surface it should be rubbed very gently.

The brown spots on the sashes may appear from the merbau threshold if rain washes the oil from it. The threshold must be re-oiled after half a year (at least once a year) to protect it from the sun and rain impact.

  1. What is MOQ (minimum order amount)? What deposit is required for the purchase?

We do not have MOQ for our customers. We request prepayment of 50 per cent from our new customers. Other payment options can be agreed.

  1. What are the production terms after placing the order?

Please contact us for exact production terms as it depends on product’s specification and our production schedules.

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