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Panorama Nordic - Between you and nature

About us

UAB Panorama Nordic is a part of Strømmen which is a leading player in the Nordic sliding and folding door market. Strømmen was established in 1882 in Norway. During all these years we have gained experience and knowledge that allows us to offer products only of high quality.  You can be sure that You are dealing with a reputable and customer focused company with more than 100 years’ experience in the production of windows and doors.
In 2005 Strømmen moved all of the production to Lithuania. The factory was named Panorama Nordic. The premises of the factory are renovated, spacious and fully equipped. The machines that we use are under constant supervision to ensure quality control. We are also proud to have employees that are dedicated and have solid competence.
Panorama Nordic offers environmentally friendly sliding doors and bi folding doors for consumers, building constructors and manufacturers all over Europe. You can find our wooden sliding doors installed in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, thr United States of America and even Japan.
Our main product range includes wood doors and aluminum clad doors. Each sliding or folding door can be customized by choosing size, inside/outside color, glass unit, lock, threshold, glass dividers, etc. You can find more information about our products here: wood sliding door, wood folding door, wood door side panels, aluminum clad sliding door, aluminum clad bi fold door, aluminum clad door side panels.

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